API Gatewasy DynamoDB Lambda

API Gateway Custom Authorization With Lambda, DynamoDB, and CloudFormation

API Gateway provides an HTTP API endpoint that is fully configurable. You define the HTTP resources (like /user), the HTTP methods on that resources (like POST, GET, DELETE, etc.) and the integration (e.g. Lambda functions) that should be called to process the request. A Lambda function can then run whatever logic is needed to answer the request. The Lambda…


Serverless technologies

Provisioning, managing and patching of servers is a time-consuming task that often required dedicated operations people. A non-trivial environment is hard to set up and operate effectively. Infrastructure is an important component of  any IT system. The evolution of IT was from real servers to virtual machines to PasS (Platform as a service) and containers.…


API Gateway: Introduction

API Gateway Serverless architectures are versatile. You can use them to build an entire back end or glue a few services together to solve a specific task. Building a proper back end requires the development of an application programming interface (API) that sits between the client and back-end services. In AWS, the API Gateway is…